Thursday, 27 October 2011

Grounds for Divorce

Quick update on my life

Bus stops and a woman with a pram and a kid gets on, she's struggling with her stuff and she drops something, which I pick up for her.
"Thank you." She says
"No Problem" I reply
"Where's daddy when you need him?" she responds
"Story of my life!" I say in a jokey manner, and chuckle, Impressed as I am with my witty retort. After a few seconds it becomes clear I've made a horrible misjudgment about my audience.

Turns out a 5pm commuter bus is not the appropriate setting for dead pan verging on black comedy. The bus is silent. I feel the stares of those sitting in my vicinity. I have no choice, but to replace my headphone, and press the stop button, quietly leave at the next stop and continue my journey on foot.

Here's a song to see us out