Thursday, 10 November 2011

Give Clubs a Chance!

It's essay time, which means I'm blogging.

Clubs seem to be the topic dou joure so i may as well throw my unwanted trilby into the ring. (could i pull off hats?) So lets get started with my run down!


Thanks Deion

First up it's all about the people you go with. You want to have a good time in a club? Take some people you actually like! Assemble a team and go out hard, no one ever got anywhere by being a whiny little bitch,
Sorry Duffy
if you go out thinking you're going to have a shit night then chances are that's what will happen. Having a unit around you that you enjoy spending time with can prevent this from happening!


I've been reading A lot of literature lately about how clubs are places where women and men come together to be arbitrarily combined based on completely selfish values, that's not always the case, i know a lot of guys and gals that go clubbing because they like a dance, doesn't mean that you have to all pair up! I accept however that clubbing for women seems to be an endless stream of rejecting men who make advances. I personally I have no problem with a guy trying to make a play on a girl, that's fine, but lets watch our conduct gents! I have literally no idea how it became acceptable conduct to essentially go up to a girl you find attractive, rub your cock against her leg, and see if they respond in a positive manner. But as a collective we can work on that by not doing it and calling out those that do. hence making clubbing a more enjoyable environment for all.


You don't like the music, I get it, I don't like some of it either, but there are clubs for all different types of music! Don't rule out clubbing altogether just because you don't like one variety, that's like saying you don't like meat because you tried cows foot a few times and you didn't fancy it. Striking something down based on one (admitting mainstream) segment is nothing short of absurd.

Foam parties can fuck off though

Here's NFL Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders, personal hero of mine to the tune of "Opposite of Adults" by Chiddy Bang. which you might here in a club, but i doubt it

"Through unity, we can touch thousands"


  1. As Dan said, who you go with is irrelevant because clubbing is a fundamentally anti-social activity

  2. Disagree, if you go with people that bring energy I think personally that you can have more fun

  3. Good company is the only way to enjoy a club imo.

  4. what if you're on your own but the house band is Jamiroquai?